Experienced Personal Consulting to maximize productivity with cranes




Operating a tower crane is  a high-risk activity on construction sites for operators, riggers, signal man  and all the workers working nearby . If you need a supervisor that help the synchronisation of all operations and make sur that all the details have been checked before lifting materials , i am the man you want in your team . Many factors have to be taken in consideration ; safety , lifting plan , alignment, wind, cranes working in the same radius and many other factors  . With my experiences supervising cranes , my sens of responsability  and my hability to communicate with others ,   i will make the difference .



Skills operator that can focus on small important  details are very productive but they are rare and many will not reach a high level of productivity and  accuracy  in their career . When an operator maximise the operation while operating the crane and  deliver material in a safe fluid manners he will improve all the construction   productivity .This tall  huge heavy machine are slow , have delay on commands and the operator need synchronisation to keep controle on the bundle .  To become a top operator in this industry , you need to learn from the best and i am this person who is willing to share his knowledge



I also offer my service as an operator for high productivity construction site . A good crane operator can make a huge difference . If you have a project where you are late on the schedule , a top tower crane operator and signal man can make all the difference to provide more material for all the workers on the site. With all my experience on high productivity projects , i can tell that all my foreman , supervisor , surintendant were more than satisfied with my work  . I have a talent but also the right attitude to make everybody on the site confident  . I have always wanted to be the best in this field and i have always proved it.